Why Postgres - Craig Kerstiens

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2022-05-14 09:30:05

This post is a list of many of the reasons to use Postgres, much this content as well as how to use these features will later be curated within PostgresGuide.com. If you need to get started check out Postgres.app for Mac, or get a Cloud instance at Heroku Postgres for free

Very often recently I find myself explaining why Postgres is so great. In an effort to save myself a bit of time in repeating this, I though it best to consolidate why Postgres is so great and dispel some of the historical arguments against it.

For some time the biggest argument for MySQL over Postgres was the lack of a good replication story for Postgres. With the release of 8.4 Postgres’s story around replication quickly became much better.

While replication is indeed very important, are users actually setting up replication each time with MySQL or is it to only have the option later?

This is a feature those familiar with Oracle greatly missed in Postgres. In fact even SQL Server had some form of them, though it was with T-SQL, which adds a bit more complexity to the feature. This is a feature that once you have you can’t live without; the other options that existed before were slower and much more complicated. With the release of 8.4 window functions were added to bring Postgres on par with Oracle in this area. For more info on using them check the Postgres docs above or PostgresGuide.com.

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