Ecma International approves ECMAScript 2022: What’s new?

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2022-06-23 00:30:06

On 22 June 2022, the 123nd Ecma General Assembly approved the ECMAScript 2022 language specification, which means that it’s officially a standard now.

Private slot checks are also called “ergonomic brand checks for private fields”. The following expression is such a check – it determines if obj has a private slot #privateSlot:

Method .at() of indexable values lets us read an element at a given index (like the bracket operator []) and supports negative indices (unlike the bracket operator):

If we add the flag /d to a regular expression, using it produces match objects that record the start and end index of each group capture (lines A and B):

Object.hasOwn(obj, propKey) provides a safe way to check if an object obj has an own (non-inherited) property with the key propKey:

Its members are, strictly speaking, companies: Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, Twitter, and others. That is, companies that are usually competitors are working together on JavaScript.

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