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Rocket Arena review. The explosive shooter with the eliminations of Smash Bros

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2020-07-15 12:38:01

The FSG team used to work "from the shadows" on projects as big as Halo or Gears of War, but this time they go all out with a brand new IP: Rocket Arena. Assorted characters, items, and rocket launchers of all classes and sizes.

Since its announcement last year, we have been giving Rocket Arena the tagline for 'Quake meets Smash Bros.' Because it mixes rocket launchers (and the trajectory calculation that comes with them) with an elimination mechanic that involves hitting the opponent more and more not to kill them, but to push them off the map. We go back to 2020 and, after several test sessions, it is clear that this has not changed, which frankly is fine: it is as fun as it sounds. And now, with more experience behind him, it's time to reel in everything behind this Final Strike Games and EA Originals title.

What you need to know before you start is as simple as Rocket Arena is a 3 vs. multiplayer. 3 people loaded with action: there are triple jumps, skills, objects, maps with a lot of dynamism, a lot of explosions ... and the always interesting idea of ​​not interrupting the rhythm: if you are eliminated, you return to the race without going through any loading screen , menu to change equipment or the like: their authors want you to have your sights set on the game all the time.

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