ChatGPT is like online office hours with the internet

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2023-03-19 18:30:06

Recently I have been reading a lot of criticism against ChatGPT in regards to education. The most common argument I see against ChatGPT is that it will make "learning" or finding information too easy; that it will lead to regressions in critical thinking or contemplation. In my opinion, this is equivalent to someone in 2005 saying Wikipedia is going to be the death of education.

Rather, it must simply be understood that reading an often high level explanation is not always equatable to deep understanding. The latter takes contemplation, practice and work.

When it comes to fields like Philosophy and History it is important to note that ChatGPT is not a source of absolute truth. It is a tool to help with education, not a crutch. Follow up research is always prudent.

When I am reading something very new, especially in philosophy, I sometimes get caught up on difficult passages. Searching for help on a specific passage is difficult. The issue may be that I do not have the proper context to follow, or I may not have enough experience with the author's philosophy to truly understand what they are saying, or I may just need my ass put into gear.

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