An effective product manager

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2023-01-24 00:00:10

As a product manager, your superpower over engineering is to have spent time with customers and prospects. You should have (or develop) a good understanding of the market and your product's potential.

The only way you can do this is by spending time, over time, with customers and prospects. Understanding their workflows and their issues.

As a product manager, you should stablish and share a path for engineering to follow based on your understanding of customers, prospects, the market, and the company.

The roadmap should represent (and broadly demonstrate) a concrete and meaningful goal. A goal that you can and should adjust over time as the company and market changes.

And in the absense of dedicated evangelism teams, product managers should be creating demos, writing blog posts, and testing the solution with customers and prospects.

Again, it's fine for dedicated teams outside of product management to do bits of that work. But it must be driven and led by the product manager.

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