Logto Public Roadmap

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2022-10-02 11:30:14

GitHub - logto-io/logto: 🧑‍🚀 Logto helps you build the sign-in, auth, and user identity within minutes. We provide an OIDC-based identity service and the end-user experience with username, phone number, email, and social sign-in, for web and native apps.

<aside> 🚀 As an open-source project, we’d like to deliver the best of the best features to the community (and us). Drop a comment if we missed anything!

<aside> 🤠 Call for contributors! Every connector is a Tier 1 Bounty Hunter issue by default. Feel free to comment on the related GitHub issue for acknowledging a connector if you are interested.

<aside> 🛠 Logto is still in the early stage, and we have limited time for building SDKs. Help us to implement them and get a hidden bonus of our Bounty Hunter series.

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