Vaping and cigarette smoking among young people have greater risk of COVID19

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2020-08-12 12:47:45

Even "vaping" can be linked to higher risks of contracting COVID-19. That's what Stanford University researchers noticed, particularly in teens and young adults, when they ran a study on thousands of kids from the United States. This is the first study that analyzes the possible connections between juvenile vaping and the COVID-19 disease.

The researchers drew on surveys conducted online in the May period, completed by 4,351 children aged 13 to 24, all from the United States. The boys were asked, among other things, if they had vaped or smoked regular cigarettes in the last 30 days prior to the survey. The researchers divided the boys between those who regularly used e-cigarettes and those who had never used similar, nicotine-based products. The boys were equally divided in age groups, as regards races and also as regards sex.

Once the results were adjusted for various factors (age, sex, race, ethnicity, the mother's educational level, body mass index, etc.), the researchers found that the boys who had both vaped and smoked cigarettes normal during the 30 days prior to the survey were five times more likely to show typical COVID-19 symptoms than those who did not use e-cigarettes. These symptoms were fever, cough, fatigue and difficulty in breathing.

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