2023 Node-RED Community Survey

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2024-05-12 15:00:07

The following are the results from the second Node-RED community survey. The goal of the survey was to gain a better understanding of who is using Node-RED, how they are using Node-RED and collect general feedback from the community.

The survey asked for feedback from the Node-RED community during the month of March 2023. A total of 780 individuals completed the survey. The first survey was run in 2019. We have included some comparisons between the surveys to show any general trends in the community.

Close to half the respondents use Node-RED for personal use and the other half is using for professional purposes and some personal use. For those using it for professional purposes, the two main reasons appear to be developing internal solutions and developing external products for their company.

When used in a professional setting, Node-RED is typically used by software developers or manufacturing engineers. It is interesting to note that the role of Team Leader / Project Manager is also well represented, likely due to the low-code nature of Node-RED.

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