Node Weekly Issue 487: May 23, 2023

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2023-05-23 15:00:06

The State of Node.js Performance in 2023 — Nearform’s Rafael Gonzaga reflects on the recent release of Node 20 and puts it through its paces against v18.16 and v16.20 with a few different benchmark suites running on a pretty typical EC2 instance. He goes into a lot of depth that’s worth checking out, but if you haven’t got time: “Node 20 is faster.” 😁

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Bun v0.6.0: Upping Its Node.js Compatibility Game — A ‘biggest release yet’ of the popular alternative JS runtime adds a built-in bundler and minifier, standalone executable generation, and more enhancements to its Node.js compatibility (something Bun boasts as a feature as a ‘drop-in replacement’, as opposed to Deno where it’s more of a late addition).

It's not just Bun and Deno trying to offer more Node.js support, but Cloudflare Workers now has support for three more Node APIs too: node:path, the Streams API, and StringDecoder.

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