For the joy of making it

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2024-03-29 15:30:10

Make. It's about making. Creating. Crafting. This is about art. Not fine art, but the art — or craft — of whatever one is creating.

I like the idea of business as service. Not as something that is generally provided — a service. But service as in community service. To be motivated to make something because you want to offer this thing in the world. To work in the service of the world. Not in the service of you, i.e. to become a high status startup founder or a high status billionaire. But in the service of everyone to have the thing you are making!

Today, Financial Times published an article titled: "OpenAI courts Hollywood over plans for video generation model Sora". Sora is a video AI software that once given instructions, makes a video precisely as instructed.

OpenAI has launched a charm offensive in Hollywood, holding meetings with major studios including Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros Discovery to showcase its video generation technology Sora and allay fears the artificial intelligence model will harm the movie industry.

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