“AI Town” Deep Dive: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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2023-11-20 06:00:01

This is the first post of the inaugural Founder’s Series! I’m Jiao Dong (董骥骜), CEO and co-founder of Nuva Lab. An engineer passionate about AI / AI Infra, content creation, gaming, and consumer tech.

Through this series, we aspire to provide insights that shed light on our product and share our story — where we started, where we stand now, and where we’re headed.

In my tech career, I started at Facebook, working on video products for content creators and launching their first ‘creator recommendation’ feature in a matchmaking platform. This led me to Facebook’s AI Infrastructure team, where I contributed to scaling large recommendation models, including deploying their first terabyte-sized model.

In 2021, I joined Anyscale to contribute to the open-source Ray project. Here, I focused on two main goals: maximizing industry impact on the machine learning (ML) ecosystem, and pushing the boundaries of large model scalability. My time at Anyscale involved spearheading collaborations for ML platforms and large language models (LLMs) with companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Instacart, and Nvidia. A highlight of my work includes training a 175-billion-parameter LLM using 1024 A100 GPUs in partnership with Nvidia.

I’m also a heavy gamer. I was deeply hooked into Starcraft II through college and my early career. I was in the master’s league Zerg & Protoss with a peak MMR of 4500, and had won against professional players :)

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