Executing Untrusted Code in Serverless Environments: A Telegram Bot for Running C and C++ Code on Cloud Run

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2024-05-10 08:30:02

I enjoy experimenting and writing Telegram bots for programming groups I participate in. In two groups, people frequently ask about C or C++ code, seeking help, examples, and more. Instead of using online tools like Godbolt (Compiler Explorer), they prefer sending their code directly in messages.

I had previously created such a bot using a Flask webserver, which communicated with another container through JSON-RPC. It worked well but occasionally had issues.

With the rise of LLM, I switched to using OpenAI, but many users complained about the unconventional results, which was amusing.

Recently, while working on a project named Carimbo, I started exploring WebAssembly. I realized it could be ideal for running untrusted code. Initially, I considered using isolated-vm with WebAssembly, but I was quite satisfied with Wasmtime. It offered options to limit CPU time and RAM usage, among other features.

Any experienced developer would likely suggest using cgroups and namespaces, which are indeed superior options. However, I prefer not to incur the costs of VMs or keep a machine running 24/7 at my home. This is primarily because Cloud Run, based on Docker, already utilizes cgroups, and to my knowledge, nested cgroups aren’t possible.

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