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2022-06-23 21:00:04

At the center of our Core4 values: Customer, Team, Company, and Self is your mission. a.i. solutions is committed to helping you achieve that mission every day whether it’s here on the ground, in Earth orbit, or the future of deep space exploration.

For 25 years, a.i. solutions has provided innovative, cost-effective space engineering services, products and support to enable uninterrupted and reliable access to space. With over 300 successful missions, we have provided solutions for both civil and defense space agencies, as well as the ever-expanding commercial space industry.

For our customers, each mission is taking the next “one giant leap” and we want to make sure you’re starting on the right foot! Beginning with mission planning and ending with a successful mission complete, a.i. solutions’ proven engineering capabilities and customized solutions span space mission engineering and technology and mission services including both mission systems assurance and launch services. Enabling missions for science, defense, and human space exploration.

Since the company’s inception, we have been providing full lifecycle space mission engineering and technical services to some of the most complex missions like close proximity formation flying of multiple satellites, conjunction assessment risk analysis, and space ground systems development.  Our solutions span mission operations, modeling & simulation, and software engineering.

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