Is LEGO Releasing a Nintendo Entertainment System Set This Summer?

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2020-07-13 18:17:37

Nintendo and LEGO may be teaming up to release a LEGO inspired NES console with a controller and retro TV to hit all the nostalgia buttons. Continue reading on Game Rant

Nintendo may be on the verge of releasing a LEGO set themed after its classic Nintendo Entertainment System, including a LEGO version of a CRT TV later this summer.

Discovered by Twitter user @Nilbellion on Chinese website VJgamer, the set will include a 1:1 scale replica of the classic console with a smaller LEGO TV and one NES style controller, also set to scale. This set, like the previously announced Super Mario set, will be interactive with the ability to recreate a scene on the tube TV using a crank to replicate a Mario level from the original Super Mario Bros. The LEGO-console also includes the ability to open the front cover slot and insert a LEGO cartridge.

Earlier today LEGO’S official Twitter teased an announcement focusing on a CRT TV so official news may not be far from being revealed. This follows last month’s reveal of additional LEGO sets based on classic Super Mario Bros. levels also releasing this August. Each of those sets include classic enemies and Mario power ups, seen through the series of games.

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