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2022-01-12 23:30:10

Fanfictions sometimes do not have the same cachet as "real" novels.. However, half of our team read and deeply enjoyed the fan fiction book Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Funnily enough, we heard about it on Hacker News. Check out some threads about it from the past (2010 and 2015). It was published by the Less Wrong podcast and it is available for free :)

We take for granted a lot of stuff around emails as a technology. Since we are working on Nyxt applications to achieve financial sustainability and a mail client based on Nyxt may be a product soon, this fascinating article explores the hidden complexity in emails.

Damn it. After reading Plans you’re not supposed to talk about, we need to do a parody with software. Maybe a joke around open-source and corporate life?

We promised we wouldn't be talking about New Year's resolutions on this newsletter. But it is irresistible. This article shares a personal experience on how to hack your hacking skills: just show up (and code) every day - no matter what and how much.

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