ALTEXXANET - Your 90s Internet Experience

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2021-07-24 03:00:03

Welcome to ALTEXXANET! ALTEXXANET's goal is to provide a glimpse into the Internet of the 90's. Our World Wide Web site is created using basic HTML, and we also offer free access to the following hosted services: NNTP (Usenet) IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Gopher FTP Hotline BBS

Why does ALTEXXANET exist? ALTEXXANET started as a personal project using Altexxa Group computing resources, and also ties in closely with the Higher Intellect project which collects and preserves old documents and software. ALTEXXANET is a fun escape for those of us who remember what the Internet was like decades ago. The services running under ALTEXXANET are free for public use. To get started, you may need to access client software found in our downloads area in order to connect to ALTEXXANET services.

What's available on ALTEXXANET? Aside from various chat messages between users, the ALTEXXANET services will offer access to a selection of old text files and Mac/PC based freeware and shareware software. Feel free to download anything you'd like.

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