281: Marketer to Programmer in 6 Months

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2021-09-27 23:30:04

This is the Monday Medley, a newsletter that goes out, you guessed it, every Monday. I republish it here for sharing and referencing, but if you'd like to sign up you can do so right here:

I published a DeFriday last week about borrowing "Magical Internet Money" against yield-bearing tokens, one of the crazier new DeFi options out there.

Also if you're a member of the Every bundle, I'll be doing a walkthrough of some DeFi basics for our community on Thursday at 1pm CT!

I've always thought it was fun, and I dabbled with it some back in 2014-2015, but I've never had the time or energy to go all-in on learning it. But in March, after the whole Creator Towns idea clearly wasn't going to work out, I figured then was my best opportunity to actually give it a go.

I also finally had a compelling reason: crypto. I'd been interested in the space since 2017, but now there felt like there were things to actually do with the technology, and it provided an exciting reason to learn programming.

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