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Tinder will introduce voluntary ID verification to reduce catfishing incidents

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2021-08-17 12:30:07

Paul Hill Neowin @ziks297 · Aug 16, 2021 18:24 EDT with 2 comments

The dating app company, Tinder, has announced that it’s going to introduce ID verification on its app for users around the world. It will have to work out which forms of ID are acceptable for every market it serves and while it will begin as a voluntary feature – except in countries where it’s required – it could evolve into a requirement for using the platform as it evolves from the input it receives.

‘ID Verification is complex and nuanced, which is why we are taking a test-and-learn approach to the rollout. We know one of the most valuable things Tinder can do to make members feel safe is to give them more confidence that their matches are authentic and more control over who they interact with. And we hope all our members worldwide will see the benefits of interacting with people who have gone through our ID verification process. We look forward to a day when as many people as possible are verified on Tinder.’

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