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June 2023 Long-Term Tin Whisker Risk Mitigation Using a Conformal Coating T. Epp-Schmidt, L.Panashchenko, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NEPP ETW, Greenbelt, MD, June 12, 2023

August 2020 Tin Whisker Growth on Sn77.2In20Ag2.8 Solder L.Panashchenko, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CMSE Components for Military & Space Electronics Training & Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA, May 7-10, 2018

October 2015 Videos of Melting Tin Whiskers in a Scanning Electron Microscope M. Bozack , E. Crandall, Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics (CAVE3) Auburn University

April 2012 L. Panashchenko, "The Art of Appreciating Metal Whiskers:  A Practical Guide for Electronics Professionals", IPC Tin Whisker Symposium, Dallas, TX, April 2012

H. Leidecker, L. Panashchenko, J. Brusse, "Electrical Failure of an Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Caused by a Tin Whisker and Investigative Techniques Used for Whisker Detection", 5th International Tin Whisker Symposium, Sept. 2011

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