filmed.js (javascript film strip image effect)

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2024-06-10 09:30:07

Shows some of the things filmed.js does.     4 images with class = "filmed icolorXXXXXX" and different strip colors.

To make it look like a strip just add a class="filmed" to the image (minimum dimension: 80x? / ?x80). To get an aspect ratio of 1:1 the larger picture dimension defines the width and height. Therefor the needed space of the canvas element will grow if the aspect ratio of the picture doesn't fit 1:1.

If you want flexibility, use "cvi_strip_lib.js" instead of "filmed.js". You can make your images respond to user actions (e.g. changing one or more options when the image is hovered over).

If you are using the more flexible "cvi_strip_lib.js" instead of "filmed.js", you'll get access to additional features by the following support libraries (part of distribution):

Version 1.4Added support for Internet Explorer 9 Version 1.3Extended distribution. Added the support libs "cvi_filter_lib.js" and "cvi_istack_lib.js" Version 1.21IE8 modifications Version 1.2Modified code due to new opera (9.5) weaknesses Version 1.1Added scriptable lib version cvi_strip_lib.js Version 1.0Initial ReleaseIE version lacks "ishine"

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