NetBSD Commit Guidelines

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2024-05-16 11:00:08

If you are not sure if the code you plan to commit is acceptable (e. g. when taking code that was submitted with a problem report), ask a developer who is familiar with that part of the system for review. If you're new to the Project, check with your sponsor.

If you commit code that was not written by yourself, double check that the license on that code permits import into the NetBSD source repository, and permits free distribution. Check with the author(s) of the code, make sure that they were the sole author of the code and verify with them that they did not copy any other code.

Code generated by a large language model or similar technology, such as GitHub/Microsoft's Copilot, OpenAI's ChatGPT, or Facebook/Meta's Code Llama, is presumed to be tainted code, and must not be committed without prior written approval by core.

Do not commit code from a tree checked out from anywhere but from Note that all developers have access to the private rsync-over-ssh service on

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