UK to witness Highest ever UV levels today before thunderstorms end heatwave

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2020-06-25 08:02:58

Britain could see its highest UV levels ever recorded on Thursday as the UK's heatwave continues - before thunderstorms and torrential rain bring an abrupt end to the baking hot weather.

After the UK sweltered on its hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday, the record is expected to be beaten once again later when temperatures are expected to reach as high as 34C (93.2F).

The heatwave has seen people flock to beaches and beauty spots in huge numbers despite social distancing measures remaining in place.

People in England and Wales have been urged to avoid being outside at around midday on Thursday after the Met Office predicted UV radiation from the sun to reach a "rare" level eight - meaning "very high".

According to the Met Office's website, the UV index "does not exceed eight in the UK" - but level nine is predicted in parts of the South West.

The aim of the UV index is to urge people to change their behaviour to protect themselves against the risks of skin cancer and skin damage.

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