Gauteng’s COVID-19 Hot-spots: These are the worst-affected suburbs

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2020-06-28 19:16:59

Gauteng’s transition into becoming South Africa’s “COVID-19 hot-spot” has been predictably brutal. The province has surpassed the Western Cape in terms of active cases, and as of this weekend, recorded the highest single day rise for any localised region. Meanwhile, five suburbs have been identified as the worst-affected.

LATEST CORONAVIRUS CASES AND DEATHS IN SOUTH AFRICA For the whole of Mzansi, 138 134 cases have been recorded, with 2 456 deaths.

Right now, what’s happening in Gauteng is overwhelmingly tragic; the rising fatality rates and new infections seem to be dovetailing with the high numbers witnessed in the south-west. As it stands, 42% of all active cases in South Africa are now in GP. It’s also home to more than a quarter of all confirmed infections.

There have been 174 deaths in Gauteng so far, with over 8 500 recoveries. But with a total of 36 895 COVID-19 patients since March, it has become a breeding ground for this violent and relentless disease. Thanks to statistics provided to us from, we’re able to see how each district has been impacted in 2020:

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