Atomo™ | Molecular Cold Brew

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2021-09-26 17:30:05

Remember to serve chilled and perhaps, share a drop or two with your favorite human. Together, we can create an infinite tomorrow.

Say hello to the brave new world of Atomo™. With the power of upcycled ingredients, we have created this molecular cold brew without coffee beans. No beans means no deforestation.

At Atomo™, we have harnessed the power of upcycled ingredients by partnering with local US farmers and giving their plant waste a second life.

Through a patented process, the compounds in these upcycled ingredients have been converted into the same compounds found within green coffee beans. These special ingredients are then roasted, ground, and brewed, just like conventional coffee. Through our innovative processes, Atomo produces 93% less carbon emissions and uses 94% less water than conventional coffee. By not using a single coffee bean in our process, we prevent 100% of deforestation. With every delicious sip of Atomo™ you are saving our planet.

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