Please ask again - Nicolas Bouliane

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2023-01-23 16:30:46

Tell me what you're actually trying to do, not just where you got stuck. Sometimes, there is a better way to do things. We can avoid an XY problem.

If you ask me about German immigration, tell me where you come from, where you currently live, and what your visa situation is.

What have you already done to solve your problem? Have you searched for existing solutions? Have you tried any of the solutions? What happened?

Don't be lazy. Don't take 30 minutes of my time to save 30 seconds of research. If you need someone to do the work for you, please hire a professional.

Ask kindly. Treat me like a human being. If you write to me for the first time, take a few seconds to say "hello", "please" and "thank you". Don't be like Liam.

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