The Most Revolutionary Week in AI

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2023-03-18 11:30:03

If you break it down, then this week in history (at least in Machine Learning) would look like this:

That's a whole lot of news, for 1 week But the biggest news of the last week is probably GPT-4, because it already adds more to ChatGPT and even Duolingo Max (a learning experience that's going to be powered by GPT-4). After Microsoft announced Copilot day-before yesterday, Google announced their own AI editor for both their respective tools. I guess it's safe to say that the AI race has started. Even more news, modules that AI rely on such as PyTorch, Transformers are receiving many updates. Pytorch is an open-source machine learning library in Python that's used for deep learning, training models such as GPT-2/3/4, and natural language processing. Transformers is a module within PyTorch that does most of the NLP tasks, the only drawback was, we had to use Python. Now, I love Python, but there are many who prefer Node.js and who's applications rely on Node.js, so it made sense for a node.js equivalent

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