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2021-09-25 23:30:06

This CLI tool allows you to programmatically authenticate into AWS accounts through IAM roles in a multi-account AWS organization setup. It supports session management, stores all AWS credentials in an encrypted file and by default only grants AWS access through environment variable injection and subprocessing to avoid storing credentials on disk in plain text.

It supports and requires MFA authentication which, combined with using AWS access credentials produced by authentication through IAM roles (temporary by design), makes it a secure and convenient way to authenticate into AWS. This means that when you authenticate into an AWS environment (AWS account) with this CLI, libraries like aws sdk, aws cdk, aws cli, aws shell, aws sam, rclone and any software dependent on them, like custom deployment scripts or tools or any other scripts that access AWS, obtain programmatic access to AWS resources located in that AWS account.

Notice how we never have to leave the terminal window or manually manipulate AWS credentials on the computer to switch between AWS accounts. This CLI provides a toolset for convenient and secure way of accessing AWS resources, managing AWS credentials and temporary sessions, and an easy way for rapid switching of roles and environments as needed.

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