Staking NFTs = Proof of Stress

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2022-06-22 21:30:03

Today I discovered the Bohemia Art Fair NFT I am holding should have already gone into the Ayahuascan Retreat (say what?) as announced in their Discord one day ago. It takes 1 Bohemian, 1 Master Guru Letter and originally 250 WOOP…which I have… to be able to join. What was also announced in the Bohemian Discord is that every 250 Bohemians joining the amount of WOOP needed increases… and I was (too) late.

Don’t get me wrong. Bohemia Art Fair is amazing and I love the art. I just have very limited time and the time I have I want to invest into IRL more.

Looking at my twitter timeline I’m increasingly seeing other people mentioning a similar feeling. It will be interesting to see if this is just temporary or will remove liquidity from a bunch of “average projects”.

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