▷ JS++: JavaScript Classes, Modules, Type Checking & More

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2021-09-24 13:30:05

JS++ brings sound optional typing to JavaScript. With near-instant compile times, it will feel like you're still writing dynamic code.

After an 18-month review, the JS++ code refactoring for this site reduced HTTP 500 errors caused by JavaScript type errors from 4.22/month down to zero.

JS++ scales for the enterprise and will work flawlessly with complex, legacy enterprise web apps for IE6 with ActiveX to modern HTML5 apps built for Chrome and iOS.

Fast 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-bit integer types. Function overloading. Standard Library. Dead code elimination. Everything you need to build complex projects.

In other words, if you choose to declare the type for a variable, it is guaranteed to always be correct — during compile-time checking and runtime execution — even if you're using "untyped" JavaScript libraries.

Due to the low quality and low reliability of programming languages that compile to JavaScript - even from Microsoft, Google, and Facebook - programmers have begun to think these languages are "hacks." JS++ was researched and designed over multiple years with a strong scientific foundation.

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