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2022-05-15 12:00:08

I find this question fascinating and I guess many others do to. Despite many years of pondering upon this subject - I don't have the definitive answer but I think I can provide some useful insights into this mysterious abstract thing that we call money.

If you research this topic you will find much nonsense and you will be surprised to find that many academics and economists disagree upon fundamental aspects such as how is money created - I will address these issues and offer my own opinion below.

Why am I discussing this topic here? I thought that if you have some interest in Software, No-Code platforms, Databases, ERP, CRM etc then you will probably find this subject of interest, particularly the intimate connection that Money has with Databases - which we will get to. Also the Banking connection - if you want to start a Bank? Onedb is the ideal technology platform for you to quickly create one 😀

Nobody knows when money was invented, but it seems to be as old as civilization itself ie from over 6000 years ago (4000 BC). I would argue that money is probably the second most important human invention after language and that money is in itself a kind of language - because it communicates value (quantity of utility).

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