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2020-06-24 07:37:47

Atomic Props & Effects has been the hands down Out of Home leader in providing creative and innovative extensions, embellishments, effects and props of all types and sizes for our Industry for the last 40 years we have been in the OOH business.  

If you missed it, the OBIEs held their award ceremony online this year, and we had some projects take home awards! The OBIE awards are a great example of how powerful, versatile, and creative the Out of Home advertising medium can be. Right now, we all need a reminder of how far this industry has come and how we can build on the successes from last year. We hope these projects will help brands use OOH to their advantage as we work towards a healthier and more inclusive future for all.

Our client’s internal research revealed they had a niche audience, dog owners. Atomic fabricated a custom 3-D buildout with 910 dog toys attached to the 90’ long by 13’ tall installation. The wall mural was painted to look like tons of dogs were running to play with a box of toys that had been tipped over. The mural included a QR code for dog owners to either download the Klarna app or view a curated list of dog toys for purchase. The mural was placed just outside of a dog park and of course, every dog that walked by had to check out the toys. The dog owners shared their experience on social media, furthering the reach of this campaign.

Our in-house research and development team (the Atomic office dogs) proved that this installation would be a hit on the streets of NYC. The results Dash Two was able to generate from the campaign was exciting. According to Geopath, the installation generated an average of 178,407 weekly impressions among adults over 18. In total, the campaign generated 713,628 impressions, 82% of those who saw the mural were dog owners.

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