"Reverse Engineering for Beginners" free book

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2021-09-17 15:00:09

Sorry, there are no more A5/ebook versions. It's too hard for me to maintain several versions. And there were also "lite" shortened versions, which were also dropped.

Those who supported me during the time when I wrote significant part of the book: https://beginners.re/current-tree/donors.tex.

The principal translator is Archer, to whom I owe so much. He was extremely meticulous (in good sense) and reported most of known mistakes and bugs, which is very important to literature like this book. I'll recommend his services to any other author. While reading, please thank him for his hard work.

In 2016 the book has been translated by Mohsen Mostafa Jokar (who is also known to Iranian community by his translation of Radare manual). It is available on the publisher’s website (Pendare Pars).

Mohsen Mostafa Jokar is a Linux administrator and Virtualization Engineer also. He is a Xen Master and written a Wiki book with the name "Hello Xen Project" that's available here. Read more about the book: 1, 2.

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