Review: Radiomaster TX16S Transmitter - Oscar Liang

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2020-06-10 07:42:36

The new TX16S from Radiomaster looks highly similar to the Jumper T16 at first glance, but it’s made by a different company and has different specs and features. Is it a better radio or just a cheap clone? Let’s find out.

The Radiomaster TX16S is basically an improved version of the Jumper T16 Pro (see review). According to the maker, Radiomaster, they used to work with Jumper on the T16, but for some reason they went their separate ways. And now Radiomaster decided to release their own version of the radio, hence the similarity.

Apart from the better features, the TX16S is even $30 cheaper than the T16, making it much more attractive. Now let’s go through all the details and features of the TX16S in this review.

Just like the Jumper T16, the Radiomaster TX16S has lots of switches, buttons and knobs, probably more than what you need if you only fly multirotors. Anyway it’s nice to have them available in case you get into flying other models like RC planes and wings in the future.

This is a multi-protocol radio, which means it can bind to a large number of receivers of different protocols and brands. It’s really handy that you can fly all of your models with just one radio. To find out what protocols and receivers it support, check out this list.

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