FOSDEM 2024: my experience, some notes and tech tips

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2024-02-12 07:00:06

FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting) is a huge non-profit, volunteer-organized conference that’s free of charge to attend thanks to sponsors and donations. It took place in Brussels, Belgium at the ULB campus.

I heard about this conference from a friend who went there years ago, and after hearing about the experience and the content there I knew I had to be there at least once in my life. But then a pandemic happened, so it was sort of in the backlog for a while.

My current employer provides a perk that allows developers to attend technical conferences. After the FOSDEM 2024 schedule was available I put together an initial set of talks to attend, presented it to my employer, and got a green light to attend (and travelling/accommodation paid for).

To make sure that I’m well-rested, I arrived the night before FOSDEM with my friend. After dropping my stuff off at the hotel, we went to get something to eat and continued at the Delirium Beer Garden to sample some of the finest Belgian beers. It was very crowded, but after the first beers and some walking around the many floors we found a place to chill.

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