The All New Space Race

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2020-06-24 06:40:20

This is a complicated subject. So complicated that Outermost has decided to dedicate a series of articles throughout several magazines to talk about the subject. For the entire discussion, look for the upcoming link to buy the magazine, otherwise, enjoy the free articles.

The Space Race used to have a few people running for a finish line… and there used to be a clear finish line. Now there are many more countries with their hats in the ring in addition to private interests and multiple goals being shot for.

The clincher on all of this may have been America claiming the moon as it’s sovereign property. Yes, that flag that was put there bag in 1969 is finally being called in as proof of America’s ownership. But, don’t worry, America isn’t being greedy about the moon, they’re carving it up for their allies too. The fact that my own country was listed as one of the lucky ones that gets a piece of the moon filled me with a bevvy of mixed emotions. On the one hand, yay, we get a piece of the moon! On the other hand, hey, didn’t we always have a piece of the moon? Right up there in the sky?

Remember when this sight filled us with awe and wonder at the fragility of earth? No? Yes? Well, whatever you fell, now if you’re one of the people to see this view, it’s likely because you’ll be mining the moon. What a strange and totally not fun way to visit the moon. I would have liked an amusement park better… come on, anyone see the one on Futurerama? 

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