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2021-06-10 15:30:13

I made a fully automated timelapse build pipeline with python, FFmpeg and a raspberry pi 4. It creates beautiful timelapses of Boston, MA using images from webcams installed by the National Parks Service in Boston on the Dorchester Heights Monument and Bunker Hill Monument.

Though I’ve spent years working for software companies I am absolutely not a developer or engineer. I sort of have a high level handle on many concepts but I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to practical matters. I ‘taught’ myself some python, some command line skills and rudimentary linux administration. This is my third attempt at doing something useful in 10 years. Please feel free to judge. This is all for fun and of course unadultered frustration. For most things I’ve done and shared I am sure there is a faaaaar better way.

The pandemic kept our children at home for 117 days. When they returned to daycare/school (and we are damn lucky they did) we were required to fill out a google form daily stating no-one in the family had any covid-19 symptoms. It got annoying.

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