Occson and Ruby on Rails

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2021-07-21 10:30:06

Configuration - a recurring nightmare for many developers and devops alike. How do we provide configuration variables for a Ruby on Rails application? With occson, it’s easy.

First things first: let’s create a new Ruby on Rails app. We’ll call it envie - since it’ll show us its environment variables. If this is nothing new to you, feel free to skip to the juicy part!

Now let’s pretend that after some time spent developing it, our app turns out to need a certain configuration setting. We’ll of course provide that through an environment variable, for maximum flexibility. We’ll call this variable FOO.

Well… for now. But what if our app needs, say, twenty seven environment variables? We definitely don’t want to be passing all that to the application server command!

After inputting our e-mail address we’ll get a message with a sign-in link. Occson uses a passwordless sign-in method - it’s like magic, but better.

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