Troubleshooting my offline Zpool

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2024-07-07 11:30:05

There I was copying files and doing some maintenance, and my network drive was offline. I figured I must have done something dumb, so I logged into my server and checked. My 8 x 6TB iron wolf raid-z2 zfs array was offline. So much for a quiet day.

In fact, I was a little relieved – one drive error might be real, but I thought 4 is probably a glitch. Hopefully software, but I have to troubleshot to find out. Here’s what I did. Firstly, server reboot – that should fix software issues, if any. It almost worked too: The drives reappeared, and the raid away came back to life. But then it died a few minutes later during a scrub I initiated. Again, FOUR disks gave errors. It’s probably not the software.

So I rebooted the server, logged into the IPMI interface and spammed the delete key a few times so I could check interrupt the reboot and enter the bios setup screen of my H12SSi-NT motherboard. I wanted to see what the motherboard could detect. The H12 motherboard has a pair of slim-SAS connectors, and I was using all of one of them:

Both 8-port SATA connectors showed up, but I still wondered if the port I was using was somehow at fault (it’s a new motherboard… and wouldn’t make me smile if it was dead already). So I powered off, switched SAS port connectors and rebooted.

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