kjam's blog – Building a Privacy-First Newsletter

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2023-03-19 21:00:02

Building a newsletter is a fairly common activity these days, with many creators, writers and thinkers making part of their living via subscribers willing to give small amounts of money out per year or month to get exclusive access. Beyond the paid subscriptions, there's an increasing demand for free, or for fun, newsletters to cut through algorithmic noise. People enjoy hearing directly from other people they trust or enjoy, seeking advice, insight, humor and information, which is why the interest in newsletters and podcasts has grown.

As there is a growing audience for these formats, you would think there would also be a wide array of newsletter platforms with different offerings. In Fall 2020 I started my newsletter Probably Private, on the intersection of privacy and data science and went on a quest that took until Spring 2023 -- to create a privacy-first newsletter.

A newsletter about privacy just seems like it should have privacy built in. For years now, I've been finding ways to manage my own online data, backups and even how I interact with social media -- finding a balance that fits my own political, cultural, social and individual idea of privacy. I think every human should have the ability to do this, and it should be fundamentally built into services that are offered, so that choice and consent are transparent and easily implemented in software, data and computing architectures.

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