Summer Blog Backlog: Understanding and Using Shell

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2021-07-10 04:00:03

Last month, I published Recent Progress on the Oil Language, which enumerated #blog-topics on the Oil language. It outlined posts on Oil's improvements over shell, as well as educational posts on concepts like string safety.

I started this post with remaining topics that aren't about the Oil language, and it ended with a focus on understanding and using shell in general. I list drafts and other topics as well.

As you can see, the blog is backlogged by 10 to 20 posts. This has happened before, so I think it makes sense to "declare bankruptcy" every year :-)

Let's go through the topics, and then I'll figure out what I can realistically write. If I have time in the future, I can return to some of them . In the meantime, I can refer to this post in the future, so the blog remains coherently connected.

This post will meander through many ideas, so I'll state the conclusion up front. These are the two most important posts to write:

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