Oil 0.14.2 - Interactive Shell, and Conceding to autoconf

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2023-03-17 07:00:04

The C++ version doesn't exactly match Python, but it's getting close. We're also starting to use the "Oils for Unix" name, which I'll explain.

As of this release, we have 1801 out of 1817 passing (C++ results). Most of the recent increase is due to Melvin Walls' great work translating the interactive shell to C++.

Melvin had to suffer through a few "smells", but many of them are now fixed. His work all over the repo gives me confidence that more people can contribute.

But I'm excited about recent design breakthroughs we made on Zulip: on Python-like functions (hat tip to Kel), and on languages for data (QSN, tables, and records).

But let's review the project first, since I've only written 2 posts in the last 6 months. This is mainly because I've been working with contributors under the grant. I'm talking to them, rather than "talking" on the blog!

It's hard to remember everything that happened. The short story is that we've been working to fulfill the promise of the OSH part of the project, described in 2020's Four Features That Justify a Unix Shell. To recap, those are:

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