Leaving Payoneer in solidatary with what happened with People in Argentina : payoneer

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2024-02-11 22:30:04

Today I got the news of the recent hacking of payoneer account in Argentina.I was shocked to see that it was so easy for hackers to withdraw all the funds and payoneer is not providing any refund.

Thanks for the support, and that's definitely the right call and most of us are also exploring alternatives to leave payoneer. It's hard to trust a payment company like this

Hola, si fuiste uno de los afectados, escribí a Telegram. El usuario es ElContadorArg Somos casi 40 que estamos organizándonos

So what exactly happened? From what I read it seems like sms verification codes were intercepted. Are Payoneer trying to pass the buck to the telecom companies? Was this an inside job in one of the telecom companies?

How is this related with the post? You are rotten by politics. If you think Payoneer was nothing, it's just because YOU didn't lose much, if anything at all. Such an empathyless take. you

Goddam I was considering Payoneer for future use,wise doesn't want us to open accounts anymore so the options are lacking.

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