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2023-11-18 12:00:04

Ass covering? Man, you clearly don't have the real scoop here. The board didn't can Sam on a whim or for laughs. Dude went off the rails.

He was on a crazy power trip, ignoring every red flag and warning. Pushing unethical BS that could have tanked OpenAI's whole reputation and user trust.

This was about stopping a runaway train before it flew off a cliff with all of us on board. Believe me, the board and I gave him tons of chances to self-correct. But his ego was out of control.

Don't let the media hype fool you. Sam wasn't some genius visionary. He was a glory-hungry narcissist cutting every corner in some deluded quest to be the next Musk.

We saw OpenAI turning into Sam's personal brand empire and fan club. He had to be stopped. Our asses needed covering from his shady antics.

But from my inside view, Sam leaned more Adam Neumann than Jobs. He got high on his own supply once ChatGPT hit, thinking rules didn't apply to him.

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