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2023-09-18 22:00:10

Most people seems to think I should wait for a month. That result may change overnight, of course, but I can’t wait! I’ve got a blog post to write, and time on my hands!

Also, nobody seemed to spot that I got the releases round the wrong way. 23.04 is Lunar, and 23.10 is Mantic. I edited the post, but kept the above screenshot in

So I’m upgrading one of the machines now. I will only upgrade my personal desktop Intel NUC, not the work laptop. For now, at least.

I’ve long had the opinion that Ubuntu upgrades are generally reliable. On the whole, for most people, most of the time, the upgrade tool from one release to the next, will result in a working system.

Sometimes it doesn’t! Let’s see what happens when I upgrade the desktop from Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar) to Ubuntu Mantic Minotaur, which will become 23.10 next month.

This blog post is not an upgrade guide. Don’t follow blog guides telling you how to upgrade your operating system. That’s foolish.

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