Outdated snap packages

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2023-09-16 22:30:04

Canonical is planning an ‘All Snap’ desktop next year. It will likely be available side-by-side with the traditional deb-based installation we’ve been used to since 2004.

If the “All Snap” or “immutable” platform is to be a success, Canonical needs to get a grip on the broken, uninstallable, insecure, and outdated snaps provided in the snap store.

The snap store has an “Editor’s Picks” section which is used to promote applications. Featured applications generally get a ton of eyeballs, and thus installs. Many people may be surprised to hear that ’normies’ often use the graphical software storefront to install applications on Ubuntu (and other distros). Not everyone uses apt or synaptic as their software store frontend.

Some of those featured lists aren’t kept up to date much anymore, though. Meaning that some high-profile applications are missing out on promotion. Worse, outdated applications are being promoted.

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