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2022-01-17 19:30:03

This document clarifies aspects of colour specification and image coding that are important to computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of digital images to print.

I assume that you are familiar with intensity, luminance (CIE Y), lightness (CIE L*), and the nonlinear relationship between CRT voltage and intensity (gamma). To learn more about these topics, read the companion Frequently Asked Questions about Gamma.

Another source of information concerning color is the document Frequently asked questions about Colour Physics, by Steve Westland <>.

This document resides in Toronto, linked from my ColorFAQ page <>. Should you wish to make a link to the Colour FAQ, link to that page, not directly to this one. This will allow me the flexibility to move it, and avoid the nuisance of stale links.

If you have an Acrobat Reader, or if you would like to print this document, I recommend that you obtain the Acrobat PDF version (277356 bytes) of this note. You can find information about document formats.

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