Participants in the Novavax trial say they have been

NHS Doctors Who Volunteered In Novavax Trial Say They're Unable To Travel Or Get Boosters

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2021-09-27 21:00:11

Participants in the Novavax trial say they have been "abandoned" and feel like "second-class citizens" after volunteering to help find a Covid-19 vaccine.

Thousands of people involved in the Novavax vaccine trial have been left in limbo while the jab awaits approval, leaving them unable to travel abroad or take part in the booster programme.

Ministers have already struck an agreement to purchase 60 million doses of the jab produced by the US-based firm, while around 15,000 in the UK people took part in the study which began last year.

But delays in the authorisation of the vaccine has left participants, including hundreds of frontline NHS staff, facing significant restrictions compared to those who have received doses of approved jabs such as Pfizer, Astra Zeneca or Moderna.

One NHS intensive care consultant told PoliticsHome they had taken part because they were "wanting to help wider society" but now felt "pretty hopeless".

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