Industrial and Commercial Bank: Application Multi-K8S Cluster Management and Disaster Practice - Programmer Sought

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2021-07-21 16:00:03

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This article shares from Huawei Yunshi District "Karmada | Industrial and Commercial Bank of China K8S Cluster Management and Disaster Disaster Practice Author: technology torchbearer.

On the Huawei Developer Conference (Cloud) 2021, Industrial Bank PaaS Cloud Platform Architect Shen Yi delivered the "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Multi-K8S Cluster Management and Disaster Topics" topic speech, sharing the landing practice of Industrial and Commercial Bank using a cloudy container arranging engine Karmada .

In recent years, the rise of the Internet has produced huge impact on financial models and service models in the financial industry, which makes us have to make some huge innovations. At the same time, from now on, the banking business system entered the cloud is a general trend. As of now, the Industrial and Commercial Bank has formed four modules with infrastructure cloud, application platform cloud, financial ecological cloud, and compared to ICBC characteristics. Our overall cloud platform architecture.

Using industry-leading cloud products and mainstream open source technologies, based on this combination of some of our finance business scenes, depth customization.

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