Immunity Booster Recipe: Home remedies.

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2020-06-29 05:22:53

Immunity boost up is very important to protect yourself against COVID-19. The vaccine for COVID-19 has not been made yet. Till the time our intelligent scientists are working day and night to develop the vaccine, we should help the medical staff to control the spread of this pandemic. We need to transform our diet and lifestyle to a healthy one. We need to work at our level best to boost up our immunity. A good immunity helps to fight against any disease or even the Corona pandemic. To fulfill this need, we should take more and more green fruits and vegetables. Quantity of Vitamin-C and fibre content in the food should be increased. Some amount of daily physical exercise is also very effective. In addition to this, taking additional syrups works wonder. So here is such an immunity booster Concoction presenting to you for your better health. 

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