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2024-07-06 15:30:05

Basically, each field of data is its own file; the key is the file name, and the content of the file is the field content. The exception is when the field is another set of information or a list of this information.

Now, if you are on Linux and you want to see the title of every post, you are kind of out of luck. You either have to create a pretty fragile script that uses awk and sed, and regex and won’t work tomorrow, or you will have to create/modify your own markup parser that gives you those titles. Never mind editing them.

Each file contains only the information asked for. What is the content of upd_at? 2024-07-05T21:17:36+03:30 What is the content of the title? Files As Metadata format

The folder would look like this. The application I built checks for the existence of the file and the validity of the date. And we are good to go.

Now, you might have noticed the tags file. Isn’t that a list? Well, yes, it is, but it is just a list of single values. That is separated by a line break.

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